Mobile Trading

  • Live Quotes
    The CFD Advanced platform streams live price feeds of your favorite currency pairs, indices, commodities, stocks, and other assets.
  • Advanced Charts
    CFD Advanced offers a wide range of charts, allowing you to analyze the trends of your favorite assets
  • Trading Tools
    The award-winning platform is also packed with numerous indicators and trading tools that will help you to analyse the live price quotes of your favourite assets.
  • Trade Faster and Better
    Enjoy instant execution and apply any trading strategy or system with ease, and convenience.

Seamless Mobile Trading

CFD Advanced offers compatible mobile trading platforms that are compatible with both Android and iOS. The CFD Advanced platform boasts similar functionality with the desktop alternatives and offers traders access
to 100’s of financial markets. With many traders now spending more time on their mobile devices, the CFD Advanced App comes in handy, enabling the convenience and flexibility of opening, monitoring and closing trades while on the go.